First Whipping

Driving from work to the hotel listening to the pounding sound of the radio, the Master's mind wandered to thoughts of his submissive. He knew that when he arrived at the hotel he would find his submissive kneeling in the corner, her head bowed waiting for him, just as she was every night. Racing through his mind, were thoughts of what session they would have tonight. Over the past few days they had been discussing the bounds of her being whipped, and he knew the time had come.

Walking into the room, he observed her kneeling in the corner, head bowed humbly, arms crossed behind her back and dressed in his favorite lace teddy. The teddy was a white lace material, thong back and low plunging neck line with lace trim. He walked up behind her, wrapping his hands in her hair, he pulled her head back. Looking into her eyes, he leaned forward and gave her a deep passionate kiss, to let her know how happy he was to find her where she belonged. Then leaning back again, he looked into her eyes, "Did you miss me today my submissive?".

She smiled at him, "Oh Yes Master," she replied in a soft timid voice.

"I'm delighted, I missed you too and am pleased to find you in your corner," he stated. Pulling her by the hair, he lifted her up off the floor. Then taking her leash from the night stand drawer, he attached it to the leather collar that she always wore around her neck. He proceeded to take her cuffs from the drawer, then he guided her to the bed by her leash, and pushed her down onto the bed.

"Hold your right arm out submissive," he ordered.

"Yes Master," she replied, she held her right arm out to him as he fastened her right cuff tightly around her wrist.

"Hold your left arm out submissive," he ordered.

"Yes Master," she replied, she held her left arm out to him as he fastened her left cuff tightly around her wrist.

"Hold your left leg up to me submissive," he ordered.

"Yes Master," she replied, she held her left foot up to his waist as he fastened her left leg cuff tightly around her ankle.

"Hold your right leg up to me submissive," he ordered.

"Yes Master," she replied, she held her right foot up to his waist as he fastened her right leg cuff tightly around her ankle.

This was a ritual they followed every night upon his arrival to the hotel. Thoughts of this and the evening ahead were in her mind as she kneeled in her corner. Even though she was clothed, she felt naked without her cuffs attached.

Tugging her leash, he pulled her up off the bed and led her to the kitchenette. "Fix me a drink," he ordered.

"Yes Master," she replied, she took a glass from the cabinet, filled it with ice and poured him a drink. She returned to him and held the glass to his lips as he sipped. From the look in his eyes she knew he wanted the drink pulled away. She also knew not to get a drop on him, to avoid any punishment. She continued holding the glass to his lips and removing it when he had finished his drink.

"Remove my jacket," he ordered.

"Yes Master," she replied. She removed his jacket and hung it neatly in the closet, as he gave her just enough slack in the leash to reach the closet.

"Remove my tie," he ordered.

"Yes Master," she replied. She removed the tie from his neck and with the slack given her she neatly folded it and put in the drawer.

He pulled her back to him by her leash, "I have decided tonight you will feel the sting of the whip against your ass and back. It is time to find out what you can take. Can you take this for me submissive?"

"Yes Master," she replied with her head tilted down.

A deep growl emanated from him as lifted her from the floor, carried her to the bed and roughly deposited her upon the bed. "Stay there," he ordered.

She groaned as she landed on the bed in a heap, not because he had hurt her but because his rough treatment had aroused her. "Yes Master," she replied with a wicked smile.

Going back to the drawer next to the bed, he took four lengths of rope out. He took one piece of rope and attached it to her right wrist cuff 'D' ring. Grabbing the rope he pulled upon it tightly until she turned over face down. He took the other end of the rope and attached it to the leg of the bed tightly. With another length of rope he attached it to her right ankle cuff 'D' ring. Pulling the rope tight, he attached it to another leg of the bed. He walked around the bed with the other two lengths of rope. He attached one to her left wrist cuff 'D' ring. Pulling the rope tight as before he tied it to the opposite side of the bed. With only one piece of rope left he attached it to her left ankle cuff 'D' ring. He pulled the rope tight to be sure her legs were spread wide then he attached the last piece to the bed leg.

Standing back, he looked down upon her admiring the beauty of his submissive. He walked back to the night stand taking out the blindfold. He fastened the blindfold tightly around her head, so she could not see anything but total darkness.

"Can you see anything?", he asked of her.

"No Master," she replied very softly.

"Are you prepared to experience the sting of my whip?", he asked.

"Yes Master," she softly replied.

"I am going to determine how hard I want to whip you and how many times you will feel the sting of the thongs. I expect you to keep count of the lashes for me. You will count every lash that hits your body. They will be administered in sets of twenty. Do you understand?", he asked. He wanted his submissive to completely realize what she was about to endure.

"Yes Master," she replied, her voice slightly trembling. He knew she had never experienced the amount of pain he intended for her tonight. Fear seized her for a moment, she was not certain if she could endure all her Master had to give. He smiled as he heard her breathing quickened. He knew his submissive was mentally preparing herself for what was to come. She squeezed her eyes shut tight behind the blindfold and her hands clenched into fists as she willed herself to relax. There was also a certain wetness forming between her legs in the anticipation of the experience.

At this point the Master returned to the night stand by the bed and removed the whip that his submissive had made him by her own hands. The Master proceeded to take the whip and drag the leather thongs of the whip over her body, very erotically. He would slowly drag it over her back till the thongs would fall over her shoulder. Then he would drag the thongs between her legs, pulling them tightly between the cheeks of her ass. All the time he was doing this he heard soft moans coming from his submissive. He knew by those sounds how much his submissive was enjoying the feel of the thongs as they traced her body, her anticipation building with every stroke. While doing this, he pulled the thong of her teddy tight between the cheeks of her ass to make her cheeks totally visible.

The Master had decided he would start with his submissive's ass, he would start slowly and continue slightly harder with each lash. He knew that his submissive had been spanked numerous times on her ass. Knowing this he felt this was a good way to break her into the whipping. Without warning the Master stopped the gentle teasing and let the first crack go against her ass, not too hard, but hard enough for her to feel a sting.

She jumped in surprise "One Master," she replied.

Again a crack rang out as the whip landed against the other cheek of her ass.

"Two Master," she replied.

Another crack echoed through the room, each one slightly harder.

"Three Master," she replied.

With each crack of the whip the Master let a little more force come with the whip. He continued this for 20 lashes to her ass. Each crack was met with the number of the whip followed by "Master." When he completed the 20 lashes of the whip he leaned forward and kissed the cheeks of her ass, feeling the heat from his whip. He had not whipped her ass as severe as he desired yet. He asked her "Are you ready for 20 more?"

"Yes Master," she replied in a very weak voice.


The whip landed harder than any of the previous 20, he heard the pain in her voice as she started her counting again "One Master."

He continued this again for 20 cracks to her ass. Each lash harder than the one previous, followed by the number of the whip and "Master." Her ass was extremely red at this time. There were even whelps on her ass from the last few he had applied. He could tell his submissive had found her "Sub Space" and would endure what was given. He asked her "Are you ready to be whipped on your back?".

"Yes Master," she replied in a very weak and trembling voice.

"You are ready to feel the whips against your back aren't you submissive?", he asked.

"Please Master," she replied, her arms pulling at the ropes that bound her to the bed. She loved the feeling of fighting and struggling against her ropes.

He ripped the lace teddy from her body to expose her back. He teased her back lightly with the thongs of the whip. Then without warning he let the first crack of the whip hit her lightly against her back, "One Master" she replied.

Then a second, followed by a third. Each one slightly harder than the previous. He could see the red streaks appear on her back from the cracks of the whip. The feeling of total control he had over her at this time was exhilarating, and he had never felt anything like it before. He knew she was feeling it to and was in a "Sub Space" she had never known existed.

He continued this through 20 lashes of the whip. He would not deliver another crack of the whip until she had counted the previous one to him. After completing the first 20 to her back, he asked her how she felt.

She responded very weakly, "Master I have never experienced anything like this."

"That makes me proud submissive. Are you prepared for 20 more?", he asked.

"Please Master," she replied.

He started again with the whipping to her back. Again each a little harder than the last. He also knew this would be the last 20 she would receive. The duration between whips and giving him the count was growing as she attempted to manage her pain.

With two blows of the whip remaining, the Master decided to apply everything he could into those two. He drew the whip back and smacked her with the whip as hard as he could. He could see his submissive controlling the pain and finally he heard "19 Master" in a very soft and submissive tone. He also saw the whelp grow from the last blow of the whip, and he felt a growl come from his throat. He drew back one last time and applied all his strength into it. He watched the whelp grow on her back immediately, and again experienced an intense passion he had never felt before. And he heard "20 Master" come from her very softly.

He knew this was all she could accept for this session. He knew that she would do more if he so desired, but he also knew that this was enough for this session. He walked to the kitchenette, grabbed a couple cubes of ice and returned to his submissive. He took the ice and touched the whelps on her back and ass, gently moving it around to help cool down her back. He reached for the ropes binding her and untied them. She didn't move during this. She was in her own space at this moment savoring the mix of pain and pleasure she had submitted to.

After untying his submissive he gently turned her over, pulled her into his arms and crushed his lips to hers in a deep passionate kiss. He leaned back and looked into those deep brown eyes, feeling a control over her he had never felt before.

"I am very proud of you tonight." "You handled the pain I gave you very well," he stated.

"Thank You Master," she replied very softly.

They snuggled close together both looking back over the last few hours of this session. They both knew they had crossed into a new level of their D/S relationship and that they would have another session in whipping, with the next being even more intense.

1999 Master Fire

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